Verizon is offering free Netflix with its Fios package

Verizon has a new, formidable partner: Netflix. 
Starting Tuesday, Verizon began bundling a free one-year Netflix subscription into its Fios Triple Play package (which includes internet, television, and phone service). 
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Verizon Fios customers who subscribe to the company's Multi-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium service will also be able to stream their favorite Netflix series directly to their TV. Just navigate to channel 838 to launch the service. 
Verizon isn't the only company to offer such a bundle T-Mobile already offers free subscriptions to the streaming service to users with more than two lines on a voice plan. AT&T offers free HBO, and Sprint offers free access to Tidal's streaming platform HiFi.  Read more... More about Netflix , Verizon , Netflix Streaming , Verizon Fios , and Tech

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