Snapchat has a hidden Valentine's Day Easter egg

It's Valentine's Day, and that means one thing: the whole world has been plastered with love hearts. Literally.
If you look at Snap Maps on V-Day, you'll notice that it's looking a little different than usual. 
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Cast your eye at the Snap Map and you'll see that it's been bedecked with swan boats, heart-shaped trees, and love hearts. Oh, and your map also happens to be a rather cheerful shade of pink. 

Image: rachel thompson / mashable Actionmojis are looking a little different, too. These versions of your Bitmoji can tell your Snapchat buddies what you're up to, if you happen to be sleeping or travelling, among other things.  Read more... More about Snapchat , Valentine S Day , Snap Maps , Valentines Day 2018 , and Culture

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